Full-term Program

The Adianta School offers a 1 year Post-Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Innovation. This is an integrated course covering core skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

This program is for students who already have a recognized undergraduate degree.

We have developed our programs with global businesses, leading innovation firms and international foundations and universities. You will be interacting with these organizations, and with global and Indian enterprise leaders from the first day of class. You will work with them to identify and solve real-life innovation challenges, and they will help review and develop your work. In addition, you will have access to industry, thought and media leaders through special lectures and engagements.

One Year Diploma in Leadership and Innovation

The 1 year course involves 3 intense quarters of learning-by-doing followed by a guaranteed and mandatory 3 month industry internship. Total: 12 months. Our intensive, full-time, one-year program means you are ready to innovate, build and lead faster than it would take you to get through a traditional management or design program.


Detailed Curriculum