Product Meet!

On the Vihara Innovation Campus, we are passionate about great products- brainstorming, developing, and improving them. In this light, the Adianta School and Startup Tunnel are excited to initiate and host a series of Product Meet, facilitated by special resources from the Bihar Innovation Lab, Civic Innovation Lab, and the CKS Consulting team.

We are in the middle of a mobile app revolution, and it is important that our digital products are designed well to be competitive on a global level. Therefore, we are hoping for these meet to be of particular interest to Android developers and others interested in developing world-class virtual products for mobile users.


 ZoomClick: Making the most of Screen Real Estate, Tricks of Scale on a Small Screen

How do you achieve balance in terms of colour, screen and white space? What is the Grammar of screen transition? Working with the illusion of depth on small screen, and associated developer tools. Exploring usability, through app architecture and foreseeing user interaction. A meditation on the principles of visual language.

Digit-all: Fundamentals of Finger Interaction

Swipe back, forward. Where is the customer headed next? Understand intuitive haptics to deliver immersive and satisfying digital interactions.

ui ux 2Tufte 101: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Info design is no longer static. Apps are interactions with information. How do we learn from info Design ideas and adapt it to this new interactive world?

With the rise of apps becoming a tool to collect data, the best algorithms are highly responsive to user interaction, and vice versa. Classic ideas on representing quantitative data through information design. Dimensions of Quantitative Information.

 Colour TheoryUI ux

Colours elicit user response and subtly communicates brand philosophy. Hues, shades, tones, tints- explore the world of colour matching and branding.

 Lean and Minimum Viable Product

What is the customer-defined value in terms of the product? Frontloading and streamlining product development and delivery, standardization and thoughts on ensuring continuing organizational learning.

Customer Journey

How does the customer use the product, and what are his reaction to its various features. Mapping user experience through use cases, identifying pain points, and listening to loyalty voice and investigating exits.