Our Unique Style of Pedagogy

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Our project-based, hands-on, learning-by-doing, trying, failing and learning ‘studio’ approach is unique in India, Asia and the world. At the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation, you never have to attend a boring lecture or cram for an exam – ever. Hierarchical, analog ways of working are over, there are only a couple of lectures a week. We use demanding simulations and role-playing challenges, critical reviews and professional development workshops to help you develop your key leadership abilities. Students use competitive games, collaboration strategies and other live techniques to learn how to listen to groups, lead from behind and motivate their teams in both strong and subtle ways. You will engage in interactive classes and discussions, create multimedia assignments and publish your work online, use social media to interact with peers outside the classroom, create compelling presentations using powerful communication tools including visual representation, and learn to work both intensively and remotely in multidisciplinary teams. You will maintain an online blog to share ideas with faculty, fellow students and the rest of the world and also evaluate your peers, providing peer-feedback throughout the year. You will show your work to the world and get feedback from around the world as well. It also presents an unprecedented opportunity to show those new skills off to future employers, investors or partners.

Detailed Curriculum

Our communications team will help you get your ideas online, in newspapers and magazines and in other ways that can make future employers sit and take notice of you.

For the rest of it you work on learning skills and acquiring knowledge by solving problems yourself – either in small teams or on your own. Your faculty mentor comes around and discusses your approach, your ideas, your challenges and gives you real-time feedback one-on-one, just like in the business world. There is no right and wrong and no single truth in this approach – the goal is to improve your approach to problem solving, planning, and leadership. After three quarters of coursework you will also have the chance to put them together in your internship or start-up planning activities. You will learn to teach yourself new media and new knowledge using new platforms and technologies. Your time at Adianta will be the first stage of a life-long process of self-education.


Every course is a development workshop designed to give you concrete, marketable experience. These challenges run the entire length of the course, so you have the opportunity to gain truly in-depth experience in key enterprise areas. Students are engaged in Work-Study during the course of their 9 months at the Adianta School. They also have access to various social innovation programs like the Bihar Innovation Lab and Read Alliance and other innovation projects ongoing at the Vihara Group and the Center for Knowledge Societies. Students also get access to various mentorship sessions and investor pitches at the Startup Tunnel, an early stage incubator that aims to play catalyst and bring powerful ideas to life.


At the end of 9 months of workshops that train you to take initiative, think creatively, challenge dogma, maintain poise under pressure, and communicate effectively, you will put these abilities to use in the real world through an intensive internship in the business or social sector. Major companies across India are setting up innovation labs, product development teams and other divisions dedicated to innovation, as are several institutions part of our international network. You will have the chance to get involved and work with some of the most cutting-edge organizations just now being set up.


Social Innovation Exchange Summer School 2015

The Adianta School and the Vihara Group is collaborating with Social Innovation Exchange to host the 2015 Summer School. You will have the opportunity to show leadership, show public speaking and management skills, and show social media and technology skills at the event. Your global faculty, your future employers and your larger professional network will all be present.

The Design Public Conclave

You’ll have the opportunity to gain public exposure and organizational experience through the Design Public Conclave, India’s leading innovation event. Through the conclave, you will also have access to world-renowned Indian and international innovation thinkers such as Sam Pitroda, Arun Maira, and Geoff Mulgan who are often part of Design Public.

Note: For 2015, the Social Innovation Exchange Summer School will replace the Design Public Conclave.


At the Adianta School, as we have described above, industry exposure, internships and learning-by-doing are integrated to an unprecedented extent. Through our competitive project-oriented coursework we ensure that students acquire all the essential skills for them to be effective in a working environment as well as a unique portfolio of project work to take forward and talk about whenever they next sit down to a job interview. When all this has been achieved, career opportunities chase our students and not the other way around.

We bring professionals in to participate in competitive challenges and assignments every quarter. We have industry representatives at the review and evaluation of major assignments. Apart from the blog that students maintain to record their project work on, we help students with their social media skills, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, so that they become more easily visible to recruiters. Students learn to join professional groups and conversations at an early stage, so that they are highly attuned with the current state of business conversations in their areas of specialization and interest.

In addition to our resident core faculty, we have a series of visiting and guest faculty members from around the world that come in to take workshops. These highly-trained experts in different fields are also practitioners, and so upon graduation a student has a network of upto 100 shifus (wise older friends,) mentors from leading organizations and institutions from around the world. This kind of mentorship network is an invaluable lifelong resource, for it allows young people to seek advice, tips on work opportunities and other kinds of guidance.

These steps have together ensured that the Adianta School has the best possible network, process, understanding of student and recruiter need, and therefore combined capability to make help Fellows with placements.