Digital Product Development

India’s first ever certified course on Product Management

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An 8-week immersion into user-centric solution development for urban challenges. Dive into systematic methodologies used by urban planners, policy-makers, and disruptive innovators to understand context, identify opportunities for intervention, and ultimately build solutions. Develop products based on ethnographic research, failure case analysis, prototyping, and user design.

Course content covers

 -Hard Prototyping
– Ethnographic Research
– Data analysis and Representing Reality
– Failure Case Analysis
– Idea Conceptualization
– Soft Prototyping and Mock-ups
– User Experience and Feedback

Who is it aimed at?

This course is aimed at anybody who wants to be an entrepreneur, build things, create services that users would love, and just need some insight into how things were done when these successful products and services were shipped.

You will find the course useful if you:

-Want to conduct user-centric research using anthropological tools and techniques
-Understand and analyse qualitative and quantitative research outcomes
-Want to create hard and soft prototypes of your product
-You want to make your product responsive to feedback

About the Instructor:

Namrata Mehtaserves as Director Innovation at Civic Labs, at the Vihara Innovation Network, focusing on innovation in the public interest. The Labs works at the intersection of citizen engagement, open data and governance innovation. She has worked closely on the improvement of service delivery as well as product and technological interventions, in both urban and rural contexts. Namrata has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a post graduate diploma in Experimental Media Arts.

Dr.Aditya Dev Sood, is a serial social entrepreneur with a background in Design and the Social Sciences. He is a former Fulbright Scholar with two doctorates from the University of Chicago. Sood has built several different kinds of organizations, all of which are co-located at the Vihara Innovation Campus in New Delhi.