Continuing Education Programs

In today’s fast moving world, it has become imperative to be a life-long learner and keep widening the knowledge and skill base. Innovation and leadership are two core attributes that keep an individual competitive. In this regard, the Adianta School offers different programs which cater to needs of working professionals:

1. Short term Certificate Programs: One-day long workshops on specific topics from the 9-square grid will be organised. They will be highly intensive in nature. These programs will be organised in the School’s campus.

2. Weekend Program: For professionals, who would like to earn a post-graduate diploma in Innovation & Leaders, they will have to spend their weekends at the campus attending the workshops. This program is of 2 years duration and will happen at the school’s campus.

3. Corporate Trainings: For very specific needs in a company, the Adianta School will tailor-make training programs that can be conducted in the campus or at the company’s premises.

Continuing Education Workshops

For those who can not take a year out to do our full-time program, we offer our 90 modules as individual workshops that people can take up as suitable to them. This allows an individual to choose just those workshops that are teaching skills that are most relevant him.

All workshops are conducted at the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation campus in Chhattarpur in South Delhi, close to the Qutb Metro Station.


90 Modules on Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Our curriculum has been developed in collaboration with innovation leaders and our partners. The 9-square curriculum gives you experience in nine core leadership practices across the three pillars: innovate, build, lead. Each of the three pillars is in turn made up of three blocks in which you you will learn and apply core leadership practices from the new world of innovative enterprise. Each of the 9 units of the curriculum are broken up into 10 modules each, making it a total of 90 modules that are taught over 9 months. Each module is completed in an intensive one day workshop.

Workshop Faculty

Most of the workshops are conducted by a different faculty who is specialized in that subject. So we have about 30+ faculty from all over the world leading the 90 workshops.

Workshop Plan

Each workshop starts at 10am and ends at 6pm. The day starts with a short lecture and discussion followed by 2 assignments that are done during the day, ending with peer review and evaluation.


The Continuing Education Program is offered at an introductory discounted rate of INR 900/- per workshop, exclusive of taxes.


Registrations can be done online or on phone or by email.


Phone: +91.11.6502.4401


Walk-ins are also allowed by coming in at 9.30am and paying by cash.