Dr. Aditya Dev Sood, Chairman Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation talks about “how there is always a scope creativity, innovation and aesthetics in all kinds of jobs” further highlighting how design and aesthetics are becoming dominant in current context.

The Lost Art of Corporate Creativity, The Times of India, Jan 21 2015


Adianta School fellow and an aspiring policy entrepreneur Shashanka Rekulapalli features in an NDTV Prime debate. Watch him contend and defend his point of view on this NDTV debate.

The Big Debate: Are Children Safe in Schools and Colleges?


Adianta School’s Innovation Fellow, Nikhil Bohra, featured in NDTV debate on “Role of Private Players in the Education Sector.”

Role of Private Players in the Education Sector

India’s education sector has seen a steady growth. Players from both government and private sectors are on the rise. However there has been a huge surge in the number of private players entering the education sector recently. On this week’s Crossfire, we debate whether there should be a limit set on the number of private players in the education sector or not.



Aditya Dev Sood, Chairman of Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation shares his thoughts on the re-making of Nalanda University and the importance of literary and art exchanges with international universities

 Reincarnation of Medieval Indian university

Reincarnation of medieval Indian university Nalanda University

The alliances with South-east Asian nations will be an important ancillary benefit to the university, said Aditya Dev Sood, founder of the Centre for Knowledge Societies, a Delhi-based firm that consults on innovation in a range of sectors including higher education.

“I can imagine exchanges of students and faculty, literary and arts exchanges, comparative philosophy programmes all growing very productively thanks to these linkages,” Mr Sood said. But Nalanda must not merely rest with mirroring its centuries-old predecessor in every way, he added.

“I hope it will do things that are truly different from conventional universities – that it will host events, festivals, gatherings of people from outside the local academic community, that it will allow knowledge to flow freely within, through and beyond its campus,” Mr Sood said. “This is the way for a global Indian university to be truly path-breaking and relevant to the world.”

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STun in Inc42: September 10 2014

The life of an entrepreneur is not as easy as it seems. Since the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey they have to go through various challenges which come along the journey. Being broke forced them to work from warehouses, they have to wait for years to raise seed funding and then finally pitch a market with product validation. Early stage ventures had to struggle for a number of years to see a glint of hope. Startup Tunnel ensures that great ideas are not nipped in the bud from the lack of wise guidance, there is another startup incubator to offer its hand to the startups in the country says Inc42.

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There is a huge skills crisis brewing in India with a glut of ‘qualified’: Nita Soans

This has been called India’s decade of innovation, but its education system has become a major obstacle to its own further development. Our note-taking, rote-learning and examination-based model of education promotes rigid conformism and dependence rather than self-actuation, collaboration, research, and self-skilling. There is wide agreement among economists that the only real way to increase national productivity is through education. But with the 19th century educational model we have in place in India, it is hard to see how we are going to create the large pool of innovators we need to be able to grow our economy and change our society.
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ET Quotes Aditya Dev Sood

Aditya Dev Sood, Founder and CEO of the Center for Knowledge Societies shared his insight about the prospects of boost to entrepreneurship and startup scene in India with Economic Times.





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PTI Cover Adianta School’s Design Public

Adianta School of Leadership and Innovation organised the Design Public Conclave earlier this year and was covered by Press Trust of India.
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