Our Partner Organizations

The Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS) is India’s leading innovation consulting firm. CKS partners with different kinds of companies to conduct research and design activities aimed at improving existing products and services and conceptualizing new ones focusing on the end user. The company has wide experience in India, but has also worked in different emerging economies worldwide including South Africa, China, Nigeria, Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Over the last ten years, CKS has worked with numerous multinational firms and authored a series of reports. Vaccine Delivery Innovation Iniatitive and 34 Ways to Save Lives in Rural India sponsored by BMGF, explores challenges and innovations for improving vaccine delivery service and maternal and child health in Bihar, India. Nokia-sponsored Mobile Development Report explores the socio-economic impact of mobile phones in rural areas in emerging economies.

The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) is the UK’s nodal agency for innovation. The company acts through a combination of practical programmes, early stage investment, research and policy, and the formation of partnerships to foster innovation and deliver radical new ideas. Funded by a £250 million endowment from the UK National Lottery, NESTA uses the interest from that endowment to fund and support its projects. NESTA currently works in three main areas: economic growth, public services and creative industries, within which it undertakes research, design and mentorship programs. It also publishes a wide range of research papers in each of these areas, designed primarily to support policy makers.

Social Innovation Exchange or SIX is the world’s primary network for social innovation and a reputable source for research, action and intelligence. SIX works with cities, national governments, and international bodies such as the European Commission to improve the methods with which our societies find better solutions to challenges such as climate change, inequality and healthcare. We foster genuine, active connections between the people building innovative solutions, from the grassroots to the policymaking level. By promoting learning across sectors, fields and countries, and by communicating and disseminating ideas about social innovation, SIX builds the capacities of its members and enables them to work together to develop resources for social innovators around the world.