Transforming Students and Society

Our education system is known for rote-learning techniques and is not updated to the pace of change in society and industry. Today’s global grand challenges require skills that cut across disciplines and can only be dealt with collaborative processes that integrate new technology, innovation and business skills. They lack innovation skills and techniques, organizational leadership skills and even the social and professional networks that might enable them to be successful.

The Adianta School was set up in 2012 to bridge the skills gap that exists between formal education and what one requires in the workforce and what one needs to know in order to have a startup and create change. The Adianta School offers programs in that teach skills of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship but is also a network of innovators and entrepreneurs, a hub for those looking to make a difference to come together and work together to address these issues and bring about a change.


1 Year Post-Graduate Diploma





The Adianta Curriculum

The Adianta School promotes a radical and empowering approach to higher education that teaches skills of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership through a hands-on way of learning-by-doing. Our integrated curriculum has been built in collaboration with several leading innovation organizations as well as experts in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship from around the world and prepares students for India’s innovation future in a way that no other business or management school can.

The curriculum is built on three fundamental pillars: Innovate, Build, Lead. Innovate, to be able to create new products and services, Build, to be able to start and manage new organizations, whether for profit or not, and Lead, to be able to engage and inspire other people and the public at large.

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Learn-by-Doing through Workshops

We take a unique approach to entrepreneurship education, where students don’t just passively learn about these things. They actively do them — through real-world projects, studio workshops and internships. Students are taught to use systematic approaches to innovation to create new solutions to real-world problems in business and society. We don’t waste valuable time and resources performing boring academic drills. Instead, we help students develop your solutions into sustainable, scalable enterprises and launch them using the new best practices from international business. We help them develop key leadership qualities to become more than just another employee or just another startup.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs

The Adianta School offers several programs:

  • One year full time program in Leadership and Innovation
  • Part time programs for Working Professionals
  • Short-term Segments
  • Summer Program

If you would like to make a change through your work or startup but feel you don’t have all the tools, knowledge and networks to do it then the Adianta School is for you.

Global Network of Faculty and Mentors

The curriculum at the Adianta School has been developed in collaboration with leading innovation firms, international foundations and professionals from all over the world. A student at the Adianta School interacts with more than 40 visiting faculty over the course of the year and has access to our wide pool of more than 60 faculty and  100 global mentors and advisors.

 The Adianta School has no full time faculty but professionals who come in to teach topics of their expertise. You will be interacting with these organizations, and with global and Indian enterprise leaders from the first day. You will work with them to identify and solve real-life innovation challenges, and they will help review and develop your work. You will be ready to innovate, build and lead faster than it would take you to get through a traditional management or design program.

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As soon as students come on board, they are set up on part-time internships that they work on over the 9 months of the program. This helps them gain work experience while also learning skills at workshops at the school. During the course of the year we spend time with students to understand what kind of innovation work they would like to have exposure to for their three month end of year internship. We then work with them on applying to various entities within India and abroad until they find an internship they find interesting. In this way we ensure that each student is exposed to an internship that fits in with her startup or career goals.

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The fellows are encouraged to engage and tap into knowledge opportunities that arise from being co-located with various other entities on the Vihara Innovation Campus- Bihar Innovation Lab, Civic Labs, Startup Tunnel, CKS Consulting, and Read Alliance. Formats like regular meetups, book clubs, and study groups, activate these peer-to-peer learning networks, which are fuelled by discussions, idea exchange and collaboration. It has been observed that these are sometimes the first instances of idea validation, and act as platforms for a great deal of brainstorming.

Peeragogy, at Adianta, is implemented in the form of-